Monthly Archives: June 2019

Internet freedom & Music 🎼

My internet is up and running again so I can write here. I cannot help, but I am addicted to writing. I don´t like when the internet is not working. It is too slow, and sometimes it doesn´t work at all. Last time I couldn’t do any blogging at all when I was in the countryside. I don’t complain very often, but this time I need to.

Internet is very important because that is a way of expressing freedom. To share your opinions, feelings and other emotions. Johann Gutenberg demonstrated the art of printing books already in the 15th century. At that time, there was no internet, but it was really high technology and a lot of people could get access to new knowledge.

Another way of expressing freedom is via music. For me, music is very important, something that is like a glass of water that I need daily. Currently, I am learning my new music machine. That takes time since everything is so internet based nowdays. Music is in the air so to speak, in some kind of cloud.

I don´t know why, but I miss my sweetie very much so I have to go and see her. She also enjoys music, and I play for her. This evening I will take her for a walk and we will see my mother´s burial place by the church. Find some flowers and put on her grave. My mother liked music and she was very found of Jerry Williams.

That is all for no. Sharing some walking dog music that I have been recommended.

Tomorrow 🎶

I will focus on exercise tomorrow since I have a day off. In addition, I will have a lazy day. Sometimes that is needed. I have a 30 minutes “Jane Fonda” program from SATS that I do at home. That is easy and convenient. Stretch, yoga and core. I am still waiting to have the music up and running again. That will keep me happy and focused on training. I just love music.

True summer

After celebrating midsummer, summer has really arrived and is her to stay for at least two months. Finally. I have had three days off that have passed by rapidly, and I have been busy with my family and also with my sweetie. I have also thought a lot about my mother. Life comes into a new perspective when somebody so close passes away.

I am very happy since I have something to look forward to, namely “tjejmilen”. And I am so glad that I will have company. Two colleagues of mine will join. So this weekend I spent time training as well, not only socialising. Eight kilometers running and then walk with sweetie. Always very eager to go for walks.

This evening’s writing is short. I am a bit tired of computers since I have had trouble with the internet, but now it is up and running again.

I had a few summer photos this weekend. Sharing my joy of staying with my sweetie. She is so spoiled. But she is worth it. I like to do a lot of training, but health is also about what you eat. Later, I will share some about my cooking.

My alter ego

Stockholm is tropical this evening which is rare for midsummer. Some rain drops now and then. It has been a busy week, but I have had some time for friends in the evening. Italian food and chats. Delicious food and nice “tête-à-tête talks”. Tomorrow is midsummer, and I really have to stop and breathe. Understand that we actually are in the best time of the year. By these words I wish you a Happy Midsummer weekend.