A few words late at night

Hi there. How are you? It feels somehow good to write in English. You know that I am writing on my book that is in Swedish. It has taken a lot of time, yes, years actually, to find a language that I am comfortable with. I sometimes reflect and feel that it might be too simple. But, a nice colleague helped me to explain. And that is true. Swedish do not have as many words as English do. English language has a diversity of words to express feelings & emotions.

Swedish, on the other hand, is in a way more straight forward. When I went to high school I was lucky to have an English teacher interested in England and its culture. Remember we watched “last night of the proms”.

Languages are very interesting. There is no right and wrong. There might be. But to me. A language is always developing. Something completely wrong can be very beautiful in my ears. Almost poetry.

Someone asked me if I have always liked to write. The truth is no. I have been very stuck to grammar and rules, but now I try to, still, follow the rules, but sometimes make my own rules. That is very creating and stimulating.

I am single. Being single woman can be very difficult. I have a so called, personal circle. Maybe high integrity. I do not want people I don´t know come to close. That is so rude. People don´t know how to behave. What is your comment?

Another thing that bothers me is that there is almost no politeness. I like when a man opens the door. I like that. A lot of people forget to say thank you. Have a nice day etc. I feel like giving up. What do you think? Don´t you think that life in general would become better if people were more polite and showed respect to integrity?

Just a few words from me tonight. I am tired now. Have worked with poems tonight.

And I will reveal something. A month ago I was afraid of people reading my book. Now I have completely changed. I would like everybody to read so I can have comments and discussions.

I met people from North part of Sweden today. From Lycksele where I am born. A part of my book takes place in North of Sweden. Rather close to Lycksele.

Ok, all for now. And all the best to you!


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