A big challenge for mankind – cancer.

Since I am at home today, I challenge myself with some theoretical science. To my opinion, cancer is one of the diseases that needs attention and focus. Since I don´t know much about cancer I can only speculate. And remember, I am not a clinician, so these are just my personal thoughts. And I don´t know the literature.

First cancer needs to be defined, what is it? Uncontrolled cell division that spreads in the body which finally leads to “organ svikt” and death. How can this cell division be stopped? Why do the cells start to divide so rapidly? What is the biological sense in that? Is it a coincidence or is it a mechanism that is meant to exist?

I would start by studying the normal cell dividing process. Are the cell division processes different in different types of organs?

I believe that cancer can be studied in cell cultures. At a first stage. Then I would put something in the cells that I know cause cancer (t ex den radioaktiva isotopen polonium). I would try to find a biological marker that reflects cancer.

Of course, in vivo studies are needed. Here, the immune system plays a major role. Maybe it is that the immunesystem is weak and the allows the cancer to “take over”.

Will write more later.

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