2 thoughts on “A glimpse of Buena vista social club

  1. vanessa says:

    My dear Anna,
    I’ve read about your brother, is he ok? And your parents and you? I really hope you are all well.
    Sometimes when I read your diary I think you are a bit sad. Don’t you want to come to Spain this spring or summer to enjoy the sun? Just let me know.
    Des gros bissous pour toute la famille

  2. anna says:

    Hi Vanessa

    My brother has been diagnosed with Autism and Aspergers syndrom so finally he gets the support he needs. He lives in Malmö, south of Sweden. My parents are fine, what about yours?

    Yes, sometimes I am a little sad but mostly I am in a good mood. I enjoy meeting my parents and to see Lady and Tippa. You have seen them in the photos. Right now I just enjoy sweet moments of life. Nice of you to write!

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