Lång fredagen

Eastern time. Yesterday was “skärtorsdagen”, today i “långfredagen”. Really don´t know the English translation. Eastern is very much connected to religion. However, in Sweden we are not that, so to say, religious. We have traditions but not to the extreme. Eastern is mostly a family gathering.

Often, weather is very good so it is the first opportunity to get some tan. To stay in the sun, enjoy what everybody has longed for. And refill D-vitamines storage. Eat eggs. Eat a lot of candy. Candy is really my weakness, I admit. Female trait. I have to work on that. But that is a way to enjoy life. I have my burdens, I know.

As you know I work as a pharmacist. I get time to write. Right now a lot of work but that will decrease. So this is how I am going to spend my Eastern. So boring. I have started to long for some traveling again. Meet new cultures.

Patent protection.

Lately, I have started to think what happened to my concept “functional nicotinic auto receptors”. I don´t think people understand the enormous impact this has on various neurological diseases. This is theoretical pharmacology, but I am sure this has a broad clinical implication. All diseases associated to dopamine. These are complicated neurological feed-back mechanisms that I could talk a lot about.

I have previously told you exactly how this idea became theoretical pharmacology. Professor Arvid Carlsson talked about nicotinic auto receptors at a little gathering at the department of pharmacology. I had just learnt how to make a dose-response. Classical pharmacology and I discovered a trend. I used an antagonist that gave surprising results. The aim was to find a dose with no effect per se (Larsson et al, 2002).

I think I need to explain that this is exactly how it works within research. You listen to a lecture, you read something and you can make connections and bring theories further. At least, that is how I used to work. Maybe there are other methods of working.

Within research you have to defend yourself and your theories and that is what I do right now.


Happy Eastern!






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