Currently, there is some rain. Just like during Swedish summers. Warmth, humidity, sun, clouds, heavy rain. I am acclimatizing. The food is wonderful here. I like the spices that remind me of Cajun. The seafood is lovely, and such a fresh salad. No wonder since there is so much sun and rain on the island. The vegetables collect all the sun and turn them into such tasty vitamins and anti-oxidants. A little like Provence in France.

I always find the local newspaper when I travel, and I love this local paper. Such good and interesting writing. In particular the in-depth analysis of what is going on in the world. However, people here are tired of international news since there is a war going on in Ukraine and the Middle East. Nevermind.

I will relax a little from sports while staying here, but walking is fine. Yesterday, I went for a walk and saw two Iguanas. Will show you a photo on Instagram. These two I saw were like small dinosaurs. Very interesting. Remainings from a time that is not understandable.

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