Tuesday evening

Hi there! I just needed some time to reflect before I could start write here again. I liked Hässelbyloppet a lot and I think I have some runners addict because I wanted to run today. However, I think it is better to recover. It is going to be beautiful weather tomorrow, so maybe I will profit from that. There is nothing better than running or other forms of exercise to clear your mind.

I reminded myself that it was a long time ago since I wrote a poem. I thought a little today and this is what came up:



Running against time is a true challenge to life.

Nature is so fine,

sometimes I wish it could be mine.

Why is the unachievable the most desirable of all?

Questions of life.


This was a tribute to nature. When I run I somehow “breath” nature. I watch leaves changing colors, I see the water, people walking and talking, children playing etcetera. These last weeks have been so beautiful, the weather has been lovely. So that is why I like to run even though I feel some muscle pain.

To have the right diet is important. I feel bad having candy. I know I should´t. But I need candy when I write. That is my treat. I like my book a lot. And I hope my readers will like it. It really is a feel good and feel bad book. I think I have put at least four years of thinking into it. Today I remembered when I started to write. How difficult it was to find a way to write. I have developed a lot. I have also learnt to write both in English and Swedish at the same time. It was so difficult this summer. I don´t understand why.

Now I only have to read it again and make small changes, and then I am done. It feels good.

Have a pleasant evening!



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