For inspiration to education

Writing is a great hobby of mine, and my goal is to inspire other fellow beings to learn and develop. Life becomes more interesting with knowledge. It can touch upon languages, biology, religion, culture, foreign relations etc etc. My main interest is biology, but the last decade I have returned to languages. When I went to school it was very strict with everything concerning grammar, words and synonyms. I am happy when I read news (Swedish, English, French and Norwegian) since they care about written language.

My challenge this year is to find a smooth way of writing good English and Swedish. I hope you will find it inspiring! Next time I will write, I will touch upon mutations. The Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) has changed and that has been discovered in several countries in the world, including South Africa 🇿🇦. There are so many questions. What is a mutation? Why are there mutations? How does it affect humanity?

Stay safe 🐾

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