Stay safe with handwashing

Friday and miniblog. Last time I wrote, I did not write so much. Anyway, I must admit that it takes time to compose those few words. In addition, I am also translating. I hope you like this new way of writing. This means that I will not write as often as usual.

Vaccination has really started and I feel very happy about that. I also feel good about that people still are careful and accept that the battle of the Corona virus is not over yet. There is hope that a forth wave can be prevented this time.

Like everybody else, I am a little tired of thinking of COVID-19, but we still have to stay focused to be able to get through this marathon. I hope we learn some from the pandemic, and that we will bring healthy habits to the future. Like hand washing. Sharing this important message from the United Nations.

Stay safe and stay tuned 🐾

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