Vitamin D and pandemic intellectual property

Vaccination has started and we can see some kind of horizon in this historical COVID-19 pandemic. I really think it is interesting that people, by the spread of the word, started to have vitamin D during this pandemic. I do not know from where it emerged since there is no direct evidence that vitamin D can hamper or prevent COVID-19 infection

I have browsed the literature, and there is already quite a lot written on a possible link between COVID-19 and vitamin D. Meta-analysises have been published. In a systematic meta-analysis you start with a lot of published scientific papers, you have specific inclusion criterias, select papers, and finally, some conclusions can be made from the scientific literature.

This above is from Pereira et al 2020 and you can find the full review here Vitamin D deficieVitamin D deficience – historical reviewncy aggravates COVID-19 (Meta analysis). Interestingly, Pereira and collegues observed a positive association between deficiency of vitamin D and the severity of COVID-19 disease.

The exact mechanism of action on how vitamin D prevent, or possible help in treating COVID-19 is not known. However, it is known that vitamin D has some immunomodulatory effects that could potentially protect against a COVID-19 infection and/or decrease the severity of illness. Future clinical trials will help us to understand the role of vitamin D in preventing and treating COVID-19 and possibly other infections. This publication shows the plethora of the suggested immunomodulatory effects of vitamin D  Exploring links between vitamin D deficiency and COVID-19.

In summary, to the best of my knowledge, supplement of vitamin D is beneficial for health in general if accurate dosages are used, especially during winter time due to lack of sun. The dosages of supplementary vitamin D vary between countries, and here you can find what the National Institute of Health in the USA recommends

Finally, I am ending this writing by sharing a historical review from 2008 on vitamin D Vitamin D deficience – historical review. For those who are interested, please read this review! Always good to refresh eg the origin of vitamin D like sunshine, toxicicity, role of. And so on.

Stay safe 🐾

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