World citizen and Brexit

Sometimes I write and sometimes I am not in the mood of writing. Today I have though about human actions and reactions. Why one may react with fear, joy and/or other emotions.

I am looking forward to my stay in London. I was about thirty years old when I was there for the very first time. I was quite old, since Sweden is rather close to Great Britan. Alone, visiting a friend I made in Gothenburg during studies. I remember I was very impressed, and I liked London even though it was a big town. As you remember, I am grown up in the countryside. People from all over the world. I like that.

Since I have always been interested in different cultures, languages etc, I follow what happens in various countries by reading. I wrote some on Facebook on nicotinic auto receptors and I would like to reconnect to what I wrote there. That was when David Cameron was Prime minister. Now Theresa May is leading. I wrote some about Norway not being part of the European Union.

In the beginning of June this year everybody talked about Brexit. Finally, Brexit was voted for and that is very interesting. Democracy ruled. Peoples vote. A lot of feelings emerged. How can we continue to study abroad, will we be an isolated island? Many questions, feelings occurred as a reaction to Brexit. What is interesting to note is that a lot has changed since the end of world war II, when the EES/EU peace process was started. It is also interesting to note that terrible things have happened, again, in ex-Yugoslavia in the early 1990’s. Something that is not mentioned today. Similar to what happened during world war II.

So, life can change, rather rapidly, only over some decades. I believe that there are emotions that need to be handled, and that takes time. Years. Decades. Generations. These emotions are, according to me, inherited over generations, but the amplitude may hamper.

Today, the peace process in Europe may be at at different level where e.g. Turkey is a challenge. A lot of work has been put down to reach EES/Schengen agreements. Students can study abroad even though not being a EU member. I believe this is a step in right direction because it leads to more human independence. Here, is what I mentioned in the beginning. Human feelings. What happens if we are not part of the Union? This is very close to human nature. An instinctive reaction. Maybe group behaviour.

I believe, and hope, that the world is more moving towards being within the concept “world citizen”. No unions because that makes enclosures. More human independence and responsibility. The government do not have to make a decision for you. You can make your own decisions but within the borders of laws.

Just some reflections tonight. Thinking about London and looking forward to my stay there. Escape for some time.



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