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G7 Cornwall 2021 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇩🇪🇮🇹🇫🇷🇨🇦🇪🇺🇯🇵

It is a great relief that the G7 countries meet. For stability. I do not know how it works behind the political scenes, but I am surprised that the NATO has had such a passive role during this pandemic. Where is Stoltenberg? A couple of years ago I read an article in the Times criticising the NATO for not demonstrating proper leadership. That was the cause, according to the Times, that the NATO keeps a low profile.

The military should be more active now. Today, military is not equal to war, they are rather working for stability in societies, and they should show this. For example, they could help people with medical face masks etc. Educate how to deal with the virus. Because, we, the people, are the soldiers, and the mortality rate has been high. Very early, president Macron 🇫🇷 declared that this is similar to war and that we have an invisible enemy infront of us. I totally agree with him.

However, I don´t know how the NATO works, but a G7 summit makes me feel more comfortable. Perhaps, the NATO is represented in some way. The G7 has declared that they will help undeveloped countries with vaccines. So good!

This is a political virus. Everybody has an opinion on the Corona virus. I am surprised the there actually are educated people that believe that there is no virus. I cannot understand this, perhaps biological education is missing.

Anyway, I stay at home, but activity is important so I do some kind of exercise almost every day. I feel happy that I have travelled, and that I can remember my journeys. My visit in Cuba was fantastic. I met a lot of interesting people sharing their life histories. And don´t forget:

Stay safe 🐾

Federal regulations 🇰🇵 🇨🇺 🇸🇪

North Korea, Cuba and Sweden were the only countries in the world with federal regulation of pharmacies a decade ago. That actually made me go to Cuba for holiday. What are the similarities between Sweden and Cuba? Interesting. I travelled with Virgin Atlantics and it was a long flight so I had a chat with people next to me. Don´t you know Spanish, they asked? No, but at least I know a few Spanish words. They were right. Cubans did not know much English. Anyway, I managed rather well. Other tourists helped me to translate when needed. Especially Americans who actually were not allowed to travel to Cuba.

I could write a lot about this vacation, but I got remined of this journey when I read a recent statement on nazis by previous Prime and Foreign minister Carl Bildt. I think I have met a previous nazi on Cuba. I know they escaped to South America after the second world war, not so far away from Cuba. He was a very old, tall man with a stray hat with black ribbon. He stayed on the same island as I did. This was a special Cuban island and they had very strict rules. But such a beautiful tropical island! I was alone so I talked to almost everybody since there was not much to do. People were very friendly and liked to have a conversation. Imagination is not always good, but this German man really made me think of the second world war and the horrible faith of the jews. I got scared, but at the same time not, since the war was over in 1945. It was such a strange feeling that I still remember. Should you trust your gut feeling?

I learnt a lot about Cuba. I walked, went for various excursions. I found an old pharmacy with beautiful decoration. And I also met dogs.

Stay safe 🐾


Immunity passports

Slowly, slowly, the vaccines are reducing the severity of COVID-19. It is still very serious, but there is a change going on. We need to follow the development of the mutations. According to Fauci, there has practically been a non-existent flu season since people have followed recommended public health precautions. At least something good. Right now there are ongoing discussions on COVID-19 vaccine passports in the news. The European parliament has to make an agreement of some kind (Swedish news below).

Personally, I feel that I cannot really relax yet. We are not safe til everybody is safe. They are stil very careful with safety precautions where I go for training. I am very happy about that because that is where I get my energy. I don´t listen very often to rock music, but this is a very nice tune that put me in a happy mood.

I am relieved since summer time has arrived. That makes life so much easier.

Stay safe 🐾


Nettle soup

Talking about history, this last decade is beginning to be end of chapter for me. I have dedicated these years to languages. Interestingly, languages are very exciting since they constantly are developing. This year a few new Swedish words have been introduced to the dictionary that are related to pandemic such as “flock immunitet” (herd immunity). With my biological knowledge I have aimed to bridge biology with eg history, politics and social science. I have always been interested in international relations and that has definitely influenced my work.

A new chapter in my life is waiting.

It is spring and we are approaching summer. That reminded me of all lovely greenery in garden and forest. I will do something this weekend that I havn´t done for many years. I will collect nettles for a healthy soup with vitamins and minerals. Ouch! A concentrate of spring with its chlorophyll. I miss Lady and Molly so much.

Stay safe 🐾