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The Ukraine war continues. Both Ukraine and Russia suffer. I am though, a little worried about the development with the involvement of the USA on one side, and North Corea on the other side. I hope the European Union, in between, stays calm. Approximately twenty years ago, one of Sweden´s most famous authors passed away, namely Astrid Lindgren. I have read most of her books, and I have seen a lot of movies made from her books as well. Most importantly, she wrote the fairytale “Pomperipossa in Monismanien”. If you don´t know it, please google or perhaps ask ChatGPT. It would be so interesting to know what she would have said about the world today.

Now I  suppose you know about Pomperipossa. I have a tax that I like, and that would be a tax on sugar and chocolate. It was abolished in Norway two years ago, and I do not know the exact reason. It would be interesting to see if there was a positive effect on people´s health.

Every day I see water and I am very happy about that. I have not traveled much during the pandemic, and I have thought of voyages I have made. Usually, I like to stay a few days on the beach, but later I need some activity. Today, I have stopped diving, and it was also a nice way of meeting new people. Snorkeling is fine now. You can still see a lot of animals. I remember once seeing a turtle in the ocean with a lost leg, but it looked like it was growing back.  Is that possible, I ask myself?

Stay safe 🐾

My continuous exercise voyage

Constantly, new words appear in our language. Some words never seem to change like the word sustainable. Am I alone in reading sustainability everywhere, and getting tired of it? We need to use a synonym for this word. It is an important word, I totally agree, but we need to find a synonym, for example continuously.

More than ten years ago, I started to focus on languages. I remember that at that time, I actually realized that the English language is much more diverse compared to my maternal language Swedish. Previously, I knew that in theory, but then I really understood.

At the end of every year, it is a pleasure to see what new words are introduced in various languages. Personally, the word “proactive” has become a recurrent word in 2022. When it comes to health and drugs a lot is about being proactive. Staying active is important, and exercise certainly affects eg blood pressure and glucose levels. Training is also a lot of fun.

This year, 2023, I will learn more about how food affects your health. I have read some previously, and I also got inspired by, anti-inflammatory food. It is the combination of training and healthy food that makes me smile.

Ending by sharing an inspiring summer photo. I love swimming in the ocean, especially in salty water. A happy tune is also motivating.



Today, a glimpse of spring

This morning birds were singing, and to my surprise, the sky was different. The days are getting brighter. I do know that there still will be snowy days, but anyway. I am on track with my lifestyle change. My trouble is that I do not know what to replace candy with. More fruit, and sometimes a bite of chocolate. It is important to sometimes reward yourself.

These days during winter a lot of people have sleeping problems. Personally, I like to go to sleep late, but I try to go to sleep earlier in wintertime. Summertime is somehow different. I thought of “Goodnight Mr. Bean” when he had difficulties falling asleep. Perhaps, this old story of counting sheep is useful for insomnia?

New Year’s resolution

Mini blog this evening. I was not alone in going for my usual exercise this afternoon. So many participants and could not find my ordinary dumbbells. Seems like I am not alone with New Year´s resolution. I had to go for heavier weights. Anyway, it is nice with Christmas with all candy and food, and I do know that food is my challenge this year, although I love food. Sharing “The Police”, since I know a lot of people are quitting smoking after New Year.I am not alone with resolutions.

Stay safe 🐾

2023 ✨

A new year has started with amazing sunshine, peace, and calm. With great expectations that the new year will bring happiness. No more war, no climate change, and political stability. Personally, I am looking forward to reading, writing, photography, and perhaps also some traveling. I have promised myself to use my camera more often and I have started. Wishing you a relaxing day and a happy start of 2023.