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Life and death

I have lost my dearest, Lady. She has been the most adorable dog. Always faithful, always happy, always sweet. She suffered from a bad infection in her uterus. It was terrible to make the decision with the veterinary to stop her suffering. Compared to many dogs she has had a very good life staying healthy. In human years, she was 84 years old. I hesitated to write about this since it is rather painful. But I know there are many people going through the same situation. It was very tough, but I held my sweetie when she fell asleep. The least I could do for her.

She always protected the garden, and I am sharing a photo of Lady and Tippa. Both of them are no longer with us. They are like South African Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They belong to the courtyard. If the house is sold, the Rhodesian Ridgeback stays with the house. Both Lady and Tippa belong to the house, and they are buried there. Dogs are man’s best friend and they have shorter lives. Just to accept.

Life continues and has to. I saw a dog yesterday and several people, including me, wondered where its mistress was. I got worried about the dog and tried to protect it from cars. Finally, the dog´s mistress appeared and told me that it is a well-behaved dog that doesn´t run into the street.

Many readers have asked about a picture of me. Finally, I have added a photo. With a lot of help from my internet support of course. I thought of not including dogs, but they will always be with me.

At the same time, a pandemic is ongoing. When will the mutations stop? Why so many mutations? People are dying, but not so severely as before since more people are vaccinated. Putin is about to annex Ukraine. Very severe since it is, according to me, an attack against the EU and the USA.

Stay safe 🐾


Research: from mouse to muslim

Everybody does research right now. PCR testing, antigen testing, epidemiology, incubation period, omicron, delta, mRNA, vaccines and so on. I have always been interested in learning, and later also teaching in life. Knowledge is hard work because you have to read. You have to spend hours reading. I got very interested in neurobiology at the university and that made me go to research. I worked a lot with mice to understand the brain. There are actually a lot of similarities between mice and men. We are mammals and biologically we are very similar. When I studied, it was said that approximately 95% of our DNA is similar. Today, that number has of course changed since we have new knowledge about working DNA (see eg ). It is important to understand that the knowledge we have today may be different in the future.

These last ten years I have been working a lot. Reading, writing, and a lot of photography. A new dissertation. No mice, but instead a wonderful camera. The dearest belonging I have. My previous mentor is a Professor and I have learned a lot from him. This time I have been working on my own. I have spent quite a lot of time trying to understand religion. Lately, I have been thinking about this Corona pandemic and religion. It has made me remember my encounter with Islam in Dubai.

As usual, I believe that music can unite various religions. So far, I have not shared any music from U2 since they sometimes have political messages included in their music. However, I feel very satisfied by finally sharing “Mysterious ways” by U2.



Data intrusion

Unfortunately, I have had trouble with hacking this autumn and winter. My identity was stolen. Moreover, this website was blocked during Christmas. I have no idea who has done this. Perhaps a Russian intrusion? Is it Putin? Anyway, this website is up and going again.

I saw a photo of Putin that former prime minister Carl Bildt had in his recent official writing. Putin seems to be involved in a lot of meetings in Teams right now. No conflicts. But that is exactly what President Putin is asking for. He would like to have a meeting with NATO about Ukraine 🇺🇦. Where is Stoltenberg?

No, it cannot be a Russian intrusion. I will never know who did this. However, I would like to thank my internet support for helping me out. Thank you so much, and thank you for supporting internet freedom and the free word.

Russian intrusion?


We have returned to epidemiological safety requirements. Since I once have been involved in research, I reminded myself that the right questions need to be asked. There are so many questions such as:  Why do you need to have so many COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots? Why is the immunological memory so short? Asymptomatic individuals can carry the virus, but for how long do they infect other, healthy individuals?

Perhaps the best question today is: For how long are we going to live with COVID-19? When is this pandemic over with? This is a marathon, but we don´t know how many kilometers we are going to run. There are many other questions to be posed. Meanwhile, we are learning about ourselves. Our own immunity, and not the least, we are learning about epidemiology. How to cope with a common cold.

I would like to end this evening’s writing by saying that we are missing official condolences from governments throughout the world.



A few days of holiday. It is Christmas, and it is peace and quiet for a while. We have returned to epidemiological safety requirements. But that is fine, I think. I am with Lady & Molly for a short time, and tomorrow, early, I will listen to some Christmas music. I am sharing some below for those of you who are not awake. I think I will be awake, but it probably will be difficult to keep my eyes open during this 2000-year-old tradition. Later tomorrow, for sure, I will go for a long walk with Lady & Molly.

It is very important to have traditions, especially these times we need some cheering up. I have started again with some photography. And I know, I should have some lessons. There have been Christmas trees all over Stockholm, and above is a glimpse from one of those places.

Merry Christmas and Stay Safe 🐾