A tough week

It takes time to understand that my mother no longer is present. My book that I have written has helped me to be prepared to life happenings like this. What occurs after death. There are so many theories and believes. Some people believe that when a person dies, life is over for good. There is nothing. But what cannot be erased are the memories after a person has passed away. In this case, a kind of a contradiction. I often feel like doing things when something is emotional. If you feel the same, you can make a donation to Alzheimer Sverige since my mother suffered from a memory disease (PlusGiro 13 74 80-0).

This Friday evening I went to church. It was a week ago since my mother died and it was a beautiful, peaceful Friday evening. That evening in church was devoted to the memory of Avicii. I devoted that Friday to the memory of my mother. She liked music and her favourite musician was Jerry Williams. Music helps me a lot and has always been a great part of my life. It makes me happy. This evening I also prepared myself to go to my mothers funeral. I don’t know what is best. In some countries the dead person is buried within 24 hours, in other countries within a week, and here in Sweden it often takes a month.

After listening and watching some music made by Avicii, I interpret him as a very skilled musician. I like his music and I think he must have been a very sensitive and caring person. Sing-along seems to be popular even in church, so the evening ended by everybody singing “Hey brother”. I share this song with you.

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