Anti inflammatory diet

It took some time, but now I have a few books on anti inflammatory food. I need something new to read since you cannot do much in the evenings due to the Corona virus. Inflammation is a natural part of the body to protect itself. Acute inflammations occurs for example in infections whereas chronic inflammations can be demonstrated at more or less complicated degrees. I have heard so much about anti inflammatory food. Right now I do not feel for cooking. I have lost my appetite. However, when the Corona virus is under control, I am looking forward to practice my new knowledge.

I should mention something about COVID-19. In catastrophes like this, people need something to do. Personally, I read, watch movies etc. You feel that you want to do something, but right now there is no solution but to wait for a vaccin. I do not believe that testing for antibodies will help to reduce the number of infected people with the Corona virus. If I would do the test and antibodies were found, I would not change my habits. Please give me comments on this.

Instead, we should take this opportunity to learn how to deal with future viruses and germs. New viruses will occur, and it would be very good if everybody could continue to think of not spreading infections. This is normal behaviour to show respect for each other. Unfortunately, a lot of people needs to be reminded. The governments should take this opportunity to introduce healthy behaviours.

Furthermore, it would also be very interesting to see statistics on prescribed amount of antibiotics now. I am very sure that there has been a reduction of the use of antibiotics since people understand that they might have a virus and that viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics. I hope there will be studies on this. This could dramatically reduce the use of antibiotics, and thereby reduce the risk of development of resistance. Antibiotics should only be used when there is a true need to treat an infection .

In conclusion, take this opportunity to introduce healthy habits to people, and do studies on eg amount of prescribed antibiotics. The outcome would, with no doubt, be a great income for Ministry of Economics, and no need to say, also for Ministry of Health.

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