Autumn and the four seasons

Autumn arrived so rapidly this year. Perhaps, depending on this extraordinary summer. Hunting is ongoing, and there are not so many moose where I grew up but more in other areas, I have heard. Always special to go for walks at this time of the year. The only animal Molly and I saw when walking, were squirrels crossing our way. They are so cute.

We have had an election in Sweden and there are ongoing negotiations. I hope they will be ready at least by the next election. Politics is complicated. Democracy is something we are taking for granted, but there are countries where people still work for living in a free world. You just need to turn on the news or read a newspaper and you will find out that we are living in a peaceful country. When I started to write here,  almost ten years ago, I thought very much about the freedom to write. Hackers have several times tried to interrupt this page. Fortunately, I have had IT support, and I continue to write.

It is a wonderful autumn day this weekend. By chance, I found this peaceful melody. Wishing you a happy Sunday.


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