C’est logique 🇫🇷

Currently, a lot happens in France. Recently, a teacher was beheaded in a terror attack in Paris. France mourns. Macron has introduced stricter directives with regard to COVID-19. Stay at home in the evenings, and not more than 6 persons for dinner, celebrations etc. I would very much like to go to Paris for a weekend, but that has of course to wait. Meanwhile I think of writing. I was going to buy poetry by Louise Glück, but she was already sold out. She has written some with inspiration from flowers that I am looking forward to read. When I studied French it was always emphasized that everything in writing must be logical – c’est logique. And that has followed me throughout life. Therefore, I am very eager to read Louises’ poetry and see how she tells her stories.

It has been a beautiful day. Little chilly though. Spinning was good. A new week ahead.

Stay safe 🐾

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