Days off

Yes, I have a few days off, but it feels like I am rather busy. No vacation. I am not traveling anywhere but to the countryside to my parents. Today both day and night are equal, and it feels in the air since it was the first time in a long time I saw sunshine. I spend some time with my parents but also, I do some sports. Training is one of my main hobbies in life. I like to do different kind of sports because that is the best for the body. Exercise like yoga, weights, running, swimming etc.

Since I have some time off I have finally had a lesson in tennis. I have thought of that for such a long time, but I haven’t had a good occasion to try and practice. When I grew up I remember I watched John McEnroe on TV. I learnt the way they counted the points. 30-love. Zero (love), when a player hasn’t scored any points. McEnroe didn’t like that I remember. Of course, I don’t forget Björn Borg and Boris Becker. I have tried to play some tennis for fun previously, but that was very difficult. So, I must admit that I was a little uncomfortable not knowing how it would turn out. I tried to think positive and I thought of badminton. I was rather good at playing badminton, but that was also a long time ago. However, it turned out very well. I had a good teacher and I learnt forehand- and backhand grip. Now I will watch some tennis on youtube with Roger Federer before I continue. My first step is to learn basic techniques.

This sunny day made me think of running so I went for my very first run this year. It is several months ago and I had to remind myself of my steps. I got some advice that I have to be careful when I make my steps since I easily get inflammation in my hip. It was a very nice run and I could enjoy the sunshine and not get to exhausted. My little sweetie has a little pain in her paw so we could not go for a long walk. She was very happy but not so happy later because she had to have a bath.

Tomorrow I will continue with sports. Water sports. I have always liked to swim but I have never been able to go fast. I will learn some new techniques, and hopefully, I can go swimming in the future. Good to do different kind of sports. Variation.

Sports need energy, and today I made some cinnamon rolls. Healthy ones with raisins. My mother loves them.

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