Easter, travel & dachshund

Pascha. Words are fascinating. To find the origins of words. My life is currently a little calmer due to the mourning of my mother. Therefore, I don’t spend much time thinking of my writing. It is easter time now and it has been a rather calm day. I am working this weekend, so this evening I am resting at home, and thinking a little of the past. I have followed the news in Paris, and I found the photo below when browsing my old photos. I thought of a previous journey I made, to Cuba. My Spanish was/is lousy, but I met a lot of people that I talked to. I remember I had to wait for a bus during a whole day in a little village in the countryside. I didn’t have much to do so I strolled around, and by coincidence I found a family who had a coffee shop. It was time for a stop so I stayed there and had an espresso. After about 15 minutes, they showed me a little puppy. The puppy ran a lot and they chased it. It got tired, and the woman in the family lifted the puppy and asked me to hold it. It was so tiny and cute. We could not talk, but I saw that they smiled, so I smiled as well.

When I returned to Sweden, my family found “Lady” (jack russell terrier) to my mother. Maybe it is not that scientific, but it has been shown that dogs help to hamper the development of memory diseases. She has helped a lot, a lot, and she really is a family member. With a great personality. My father is very sad, and I will see if I will by him a dachshund puppy. His father had a dachshund. It is getting warmer, and spring has arrived, I share this photo with you from my private photo album. A taste of spring.

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