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In these pandemic times I follow the news to stay updated with the vaccine programs, the development of COVID-19 and so on. When possible, I listen to the news on the radio to get the most neutral news. Then I can make up my own opinion and make my own analyses. For example, I heard that some mechanisms involved in the immune system are being studied. Understanding the underlying mechanisms of COVID-19 make it possible for pharmacological treatments. The disease can be targeted. Still far away, but a step closer.

This is a political virus. It certainly has affected democracy. For example, Joe Biden was recently elected as the President of the United States. A retired Chinese American was interviewed and he was happy about the result. It was rather fun, I think, because he liked Joe Biden and wanted to listen to Bon Jovi to celebrate. I smiled. Every smile in this pandemic is worth a lot. So, I share “Keep the faith” –  an appropriate song in these Corona virus times with Bon Jovi.

Stay safe 🐾

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