Exercise & Writing

Today I completed my mini pharmacy with various products. Things that are good to have at home in case of accident or any other emergency. Like wounded feet or symptoms of a cold etc. I do not want to cancel my running since I have been looking forward to it for such a long time. During the day I have had more water than usual, and I will continue with that tomorrow. I must admit that I have been lucky since I haven’t been injured. No inflammation.

This is the first time I participate in blodomloppet. For those of you who have followed my writing know that I have written a story about Fredrik and his daughter Greten. I was deeply attached to the characters in my book, especially Greten. She was very unlucky and the reader will learn about leukemia. The immunsystem is very facinating and complicated. I felt very sorry for Greten, and I was also interested in knowing my own blood group. Last autumn I donated blood for the very first time. It was ok and I only need to refill my iron depots.

I will just relax tonight and tomorrow. And I am looking forward to Wednesday.

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