Finnish sisu 🇫🇮

Spring is slowly arriving this year. I hope May will be lovely with lots of green trees and flowers. That is very nice since there is so much evil in the world right now. I was happy to read about Finland’s collaboration with Sweden on military defense. Finland has lived with war, and perhaps they have indirectly provided for the defense of Sweden during the past century. I think it is important to act and not be naive. Geopolitically, Ukraine is close to Sweden. Moreover, President Macron continues to be President of France. The world needs stability, and Europe is not prepared for a political change in France. Stability is so crucial due to the war.

I continue, like everybody else, with daily life. It has been good to start running again, and I am looking forward to summer. Warm, maybe, tropical evenings. This weekend I will walk Molly, and also, I have prepared my running shoes. Molly has got her anti-tick medicine, and I have had my first vaccination against TBE. The ticks are terrible!

Stay safe 🐾

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