Foreign policy

The Biden-Harris administration is up and going and that is good. They have already put a lot of focus on vaccination and on economical support to various companies. That makes the world more in balance. I must say that previous President Trump has achieved a lot, and that the election probably was affected by the Corona virus. However, I believe the climate will be considered and eg the Paris agreement will be signed. That is good for us living in Europe.

I stay in touch with my aunt in the USA and they are currently being offered vaccination. They feel a bit unsure which vaccine to chose though. I am not vaccinated since we still are waiting for delivery of vaccines to Sweden. A lorry filled with vaccine from the Netherlands will bring safety to us.

I am living the little life. Staying at home as much as possible. Washing my hands. It was very nice to see Lady & Molly this weekend. Running and walks. They made high five. It is very important to stay active.

Next time I will write some on D-vitamine and the immune system. Accumulating evidence is emerging that D-vitamine may play a role in strengthening the immune system. I need some time to reflect tough, so have patience!

Stay safe 🐾

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