¡Hola, amigos! 🇪🇸

Congratulations to the Spanish soccer team who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023! I am so happy to have been in Spain recently seeing my friends, and that Spain won the women´s World Cup. Close to where I live, I have a Spanish supermercado (grocery store) so I can continue to enjoy Spanish food. I especially miss the olives in the evening. It is still warm in Sweden so it is a nice ending of the summer.

Everything will soon return to daily life. There are unusually many ticks this year, and the lice, which usually have a summer break, have been active. Could it be due to temperature changes in the world? I’ve been walking a lot on my holiday to keep going. I intended to go jogging, but it has been too hot. Now it is soon time to increase the pulse again.

We walked a lot in Barcelona and my friends showed me “El mundo nace en cada beso” which can be translated as “The world is born in every kiss”. The captain of the Spanish women’s national soccer team kissed one of the players, and perhaps he was thinking of this picture above. It has become a great chaos in the football world.

This image consists of 4000 photographs submitted by Barcelona residents on the theme “moments of freedom”. The work can be viewed in the square Plaza d’Isidre Nonell in Barcelona. I was so impressed. This is exactly what my little collection of poems “Time for Freedom” symbolizes. Very pleased with the photograph above. Can you see the kiss?

Hasta loego

One thought on “¡Hola, amigos! 🇪🇸

  1. José Manuel says:

    Ya lo has dicho todo, muy contentos de volver a vernos otra vez, de que España haya ganado el mundial de fútbol femenino, de que te hayas enamorado de la gastronomía española, y de que digas disfrutando del deporte. Fue un placer compartir ese paseo por Barcelona y descubrir lugares que tampoco conocíamos, a pesar del calor, espero que se repita pronto y no pase tanto tiempo. See you soon

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