I must admit that I miss my sweetie, but she is having a good time in the countryside. I see a lot of dogs every day, and that is why I get reminded. Since I am grown up with dogs, I know a lot about them. I remember that we bought dogs, but we also had puppies on our own that I raised and trained. Hunting dogs. My father was not at home that much at that time. He traveled and payed visits to different companies. Sometimes people from his work stayed with us for a while, and I remember in particular an engineer from Belgium. I think his name was Ludo. My brother and I liked him a lot, and it was a little fun since he talked English. At that time I had just started to learn English and I only knew a few words.

It was his first time in Sweden and he enjoyed staying in the countryside. BBQ in the garden etc. When he left he wanted to say a few words to show that he had had a great time. He said “Thank you for your hospitality”. I got very surprised and asked my father in Swedish “Did he really think this was a hospital, I thought he liked to stay here”. My father laught, and his colleague laughed a lot when he understood why I looked puzzled. I learnt a new word.

I remember this very well since it was my first encounter with a person from another country. That was exciting, and it was also very interesting to learn about other countries than Sweden. We namned one of our puppies after him. Ludo. He later became a very skilled hunting dog.

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