Immunity passports

Slowly, slowly, the vaccines are reducing the severity of COVID-19. It is still very serious, but there is a change going on. We need to follow the development of the mutations. According to Fauci, there has practically been a non-existent flu season since people have followed recommended public health precautions. At least something good. Right now there are ongoing discussions on COVID-19 vaccine passports in the news. The European parliament has to make an agreement of some kind (Swedish news below).

Personally, I feel that I cannot really relax yet. We are not safe til everybody is safe. They are stil very careful with safety precautions where I go for training. I am very happy about that because that is where I get my energy. I don´t listen very often to rock music, but this is a very nice tune that put me in a happy mood.

I am relieved since summer time has arrived. That makes life so much easier.

Stay safe 🐾


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