In the memory of my mother Elsa

I wish this day would have been 48 hours. Time has disappeared, and so has my mother. Passed from time. A day totally devoted to my mother. Writing has become a part of my life. I thought I should not write at first, but then, it is good to share my thoughts, and also to share the memory of my mother. My sweetie could not attend the funeral, but early this morning we found some thimbleweed and we made my mother a bouquet of flowers. We said goodbye to my mother before the funeral when the car came to our house. My mother has always had dogs so it was a beautiful moment when we put the flowers on her coffin. And very sad.

My father sang “Panis Angelicus” for my mother. I wish to thank everybody who attended the funeral today, and I hope that we can keep a good memory of my mother. I miss her dearly. It will be empty.

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