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It is a sunny Sunday in Stockholm. I am staying at home doing things that need to be done. These little things, like planning my week. I don’t have time to write here every day, therefore I do some mini blogging on Instagram now and then. A picture says more than a thousand words. Maybe that is not true, but I like photography. However, today I write some here.

These two weeks I have been doing quite a lot of exercise, and I have also tried new sports. I have had lessons in tennis and swimming because I need to do something different. It is good for the body to do various sports. So this week I am planning to practice my new swimming technique that I have learnt. I don’t like to wear a swim cap, but I have to, and also to wear swim glasses since there is too much chlorine in the water. I am really looking forward to do better swimming. I hope there will be a possibility to dive.

Today we have summertime, and it actually is a little warmer and no snow in Stockholm. Therefore I could start my running this week. Other muscles are active than usually, and that means that I am not in perfect shape for running. Slow running. Muscle pain today, so an additional reason to stay at home. Last summer I did 10 km on 60 minutes. That is my goal this summer as well. Not 70 minutes like yesterday. But my goal is not to run fast, but to enjoy being outdoors, have fresh air, sunshine and let the heart beat. To have pulse.

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