La cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris – le désastre

Yesterday, I learnt that there is a major fire in Notre-Dame. It was undergoing a massive renovation. Since I have lived in France, and visited Paris several times, I pay a lot of attention to what happens in France. I follow Le Figaro, and I can see that Le President Emmanuel Macron is very busy. He says that they will rebuild Notre-Dame within five years. Centuries of history is destroyed. Construction of Notre Dame began in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in 1345. It is a symbol for Christianity. Maybe Macron says “C’est une crise”. However, I am sure they will make a beautiful reconstruction. France has suffered several wars, and also a revolution, but it has always been rebuilt. It is almost a tradition among French presidents to build something so they will be remembered. Perhaps, Emmanuel Macron can make a contribution to something beautiful to future generations. I hope so.

Last time I was in Paris was in 2016. I remember that the weather and temperature was perfect, and that I walked a lot. I found this photo from that weekend. Always a lot of tourists visiting. Beautiful Paris.

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