Life is a marathon

Today’s headline/hypothesis demands some thinking. I will also think about it. Maybe elaborate on it later since I also need some time to reflect on this philosophic view of life. Sport will however always be a part of my life. I like to keep my body active. Last summer I ran a lot and I got a little injury in my hip so I have done other sports during some time. Now it is soon time to get back on track. I will continue to develop my hobbies, so today I bought some swimming equipment. I need glasses when I swim, and I also need a hat to cover my hair. I actually learnt to swim by myself when I was four years old, but of course I took lessons when I grew up. Swimming techniques have changed since then. And I learnt new techniques last week that I need to practice. Great fun. But also demanding since I need a lot of practice.

The writing I have done is also a kind of marathon. That is why I need some time off to gather new energy. Maybe I need to travel somewhere to get new inspiration to write, but first, I need to focus on my books. It is a little chilly in Stockholm today and I went to Old town to see some bookshops. I found a book by JM Coetzee that I will read. Since I have written a lot, I will read other authors from a different angel. Languages are one of my favourite hobbies and is very interesting to read again. Not the least, developing at a personal level.

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