Nettle soup

Talking about history, this last decade is beginning to be end of chapter for me. I have dedicated these years to languages. Interestingly, languages are very exciting since they constantly are developing. This year a few new Swedish words have been introduced to the dictionary that are related to pandemic such as “flock immunitet” (herd immunity). With my biological knowledge I have aimed to bridge biology with eg history, politics and social science. I have always been interested in international relations and that has definitely influenced my work.

A new chapter in my life is waiting.

It is spring and we are approaching summer. That reminded me of all lovely greenery in garden and forest. I will do something this weekend that I havn´t done for many years. I will collect nettles for a healthy soup with vitamins and minerals. Ouch! A concentrate of spring with its chlorophyll. I miss Lady and Molly so much.

Stay safe 🐾

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