New workout year 2024

I have already started 2024 with a new habit for my workouts. Perhaps because I have a new watch. A very kind and supporting watch that tells me nice things when I do exercise. However, I had to turn off the watch noticing when to continue walking to reach 10 000 steps a day. It reminded me too many times a day. Instead, I have started 3 minutes of mindfulness. Just relax and do nothing for three minutes, and during that time I monitor my heartbeat. What to think about during 3 minutes? I got reminded of when I practiced Aikido, almost 25 years ago. We always started with some quiet time and we were told to have a calm picture in our mind. I still remember but I will not reveal my meditation picture in my mind.

During the years when I wrote “Generations” I did a lot of running. I do not understand why but when I finished writing I didn´t want to run anymore. I started to go by bicycle instead. A few years have passed and now I have started to miss running. For some weeks I have thought about it and now I have decided. I will go for the run “Tjejmilen” on the 31st of August. And most likely, I will also join “Hässelbyloppet” later in October.

Are you joining me?

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