Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), seasonal influenza and other viruses

We are not safe til everybody is safe. Life is still a bit hampered, but is slowly returning. Epidemiological authorities are of course dreaming of group immunity against COVID-19. However, it is important to remember that other viruses are active now, and that there are lots of reports of RS virus. This virus causes infections of the lungs and respiratory tract. It can cause severe infections in anyone with a weak immune system. So, keep staying safe!

My way of living with the Corona virus has been to be active. But with safety precautions. I have been extremely careful since I do not know my sensitivity to infection. Even though you are in good shape you can get symptoms that may last for very long. I have been off for a few days and that has been very good. My usual exercise, some afternoon tea, and I have been reading. Something that I havn´t done for a long time. There has been so much about the Talibans in the news, so I thought I should read Åsne Seierstad and learn about her experience in Afghanistan. Even though a pandemic is ongoing, foreign policy continue with various happenings throughout the world.

I mentioned that I have been walking Lady&Molly, and that reminded me of this melody. Bitter sweet life. I just love the sound of the violins in the background of this song.

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