Tomorrow is wintertime. I am currently in the countryside maybe seeing the last part of autumn. It was a little strange this years since there were no apples. I went running today and of course I went for a walk with my little sweetie. Since it is soon Halloween we put a candle on my mothers tomb. My father has searched for letters he wrote to my mother when they met. She lived in Gothenburg at that time, and he was in the military and did a military refresher training (repmånad). It was different then, fifty years ago. He also found this photo of my mother when she went on vacation to Portugal, before I was even thought of.

I will not participate in any more running course this year. But of course, I will continue doing exercise. And I have to, since my sweetie pushes me. Next weekend is Halloween. Perhaps there will be trick-or-treaters knocking my door. I’d better have candy at home.

🎃 🎃 🎃


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