…is over and now a colder autumn, and later winter awaits. I know exactly what to expect since I have been lucky enough to experience a number of winters. Days are getting darker and it’s still cozy with some rain and falling leaves. I start lighting candles. A cup of tea. Maybe a movie. Preferably James Bond. Watched the latest quite recently and I am not disappointed. Bond is always Bond.
December arrives with all that it entails. A wonderful month that lights up the darkness. During January, the Christmas lights are slowly scaled down. Some people refuse to turn off the light and I understand them. February can have its bright occasions with sunshine and sparkling snow-covered fields. But the rest of February. Complete darkness.
In March you believe spring is around the corner. No no. It is perhaps the least good month of the year. Luckily, easter is approaching. I remember easter when I was little. Always traveled to the mountains and I got sunburned while skiing. The downhill was good, better than at Christmas because easter was warmer, and somehow it was easier to ski. I ventured onto the black slopes.
In April, you want to throw your gloves, but quickly, you realize that it won’t work. You have to endure chilly days for another few weeks. Finally comes the long-awaited spring with the following summer that you so longed for, and deserved.
There is a lot happening in the world right now. Britain has had a new Prime Minister in a short time. I heard on the news on the radio that apparently he is usually well-read before he makes a decision. Wondering then how previous prime ministers have done. He has connections to India, and who knows, maybe Sunak will be the new Obama.
With this written, I return to summertime, green lawns, and BBQ with this song by Will Smith.

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