Tomorrow running

I am rather prepared for tomorrow and I am looking forward to the running course. Indeed, I would like to have a better time than approximately an hour. But, it will be fun anyway. It has really been good for me to focus on training. And it is so nice to experience the change in nature that currently appears. It is getting greener every day. More flowers. Deers, rabbits and also walking with sweetie.

Blodomloppet is a good way of running together with colleagues. A previous colleague who worked at LloydsPharmacies will join. I am very happy about that. Later, I will probably also run “Tjejmilen”, and I am trying to get more people interested. Last time I ran tjejmilen, it was sponsored by LloydsPharmacies. And a previous colleague from AstraZeneca also ran. We met after running and it was great to reunite. I have noticed that I get more focused on training when I have a goal.

Training is very good for me. It helps me to get inspiration for writing, and also to help customers to find right pharmacological treatment. Tomorrow I will go directly from work to Djurgården, Kaknästornet. Weather forecast is predicting rain. I really hope not. It would be so nice with sunshine. Sharing a picture from my daily life from the pharmacy at Lidingö.

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