Tropical Writing & Leisure🍍

Finally, I arrived. I have somehow started to miss writing. Real writing, I mean writing a book. Some years have passed and I have needed that time to reflect, and sometimes really to understand what I have written. Now I have a very clear feeling about my book “Generationer”, and am ready for the next chapter in my life. My writing life.

Right now I am experiencing Swedish summer, but so much more humidity. This island is green and last night there was some heavy rain leading to more humidity today. I got up very early and started with a hot cup of coffee in this very ancient building. President George W. Bush stayed here some years ago. The military has always been more or less present here. When I got on the plane yesterday, the military entered first. Something we are getting used to now in Sweden, I mean, the presence of the military in society.

I will spend these days to collect some new energy. That will absolutely be needed this spring. The last time I was here I went scuba diving. I went for a little walk this morning, and somehow, it is a relaxing feeling to listen to the tubes being filled with air for today’s scuba adventure. There are sharks here, but rather kind sharks I have been told.

Stay safe, and stay tuned 🐾

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