Turn back time

It is good for your well-being to snooze I read the other day. Not a major study, but anyway. I searched through my photos for an image that could capture this day as fall begins to turn into winter. Found these Lady´s mantles (dew caps) below, which in summertime are so beautiful when they carry water drops. Now, however, the frost is taking hold.

It is important to see the little life in everyday life. A lot is going on in the world that affects our daily lives. We know we have to be vigilant. The unreal can happen, as happened to two Swedes in Brussels who fell victim to a terrorist.

And of course, we understand Israel wanting to defend itself when they have been attacked. The UN wants an immediate ceasefire from both sides. From what I understand, an Israeli music festival was targeted for attack by Hamas. Music is something that unites people, which in my eyes, makes this attack even more heinous. Ending up sharing this impromptu gig with Annie Lennox and David Bowie rehearsing. If you look closely, there is a man in the audience listening to them so devotedly and empathetically.

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