Unusually chilly winter

Wonderful with snow. The fact that I wobbled a little on my cross-country skis made me think of ice skating. Not ice hockey, but I remembered my figure skates. Either you went to the lake, or there was a hockey rink that you could go to. By chance, I happened to see this boat in the photo below one evening. The ice gives way to the archipelago boats in Stockholm. I love this chilly picture.

I couldn’t leave the thought of skates and looked for my old ones. Realized relatively quickly that they were probably outgrown a long time ago. Have now ordered skates which I am waiting for. Maybe it will premiere this week if the weather holds. I am waiting for – what can I say – women’s skates. They are so good with a brake on the tip of the toe. Need to take a course to be able to brake with the skate blades.

In the middle of winter, we must prepare even more for war. It is true, in Sweden, we have had peace for 210 years. We need to think and integrate ourselves with the outside world. At the same time, I wonder what the Swedish armed forces know that we ordinary citizens don’t.

It is a new year and new things are going on. I am enjoying winter because summer will soon be here.

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