What about Brexit, Stilton and cucumber

A historical date is approaching. The 29th of March 2019 (11 pm UK time), the UK is leaving the European Union. It is a political and historical step leading to change. Since I have a biological education, I have a different perspective of analysing this change. The EU developed after the second world war when a coal and steel union was needed. Various countries needed to collaborate and trade was the basis. Trade is the basis for peace in the world. No doubt. Today a lot of European countries are members in the EU, and there are strict guidelines to be included. Turkey is working on a membership, but they need to develop human rights more accurately. At least they are a member of NATO.

There have been conflicts in Europe after the second world war where eg former Yugoslavia has suffered a lot. The Srebrenica massacre is rather similar to what happened during the second world war. The UN failed to protect Bosnia´s territory and thousands of men were murdered. Deep emotional scars on survivors were created, and there is stilla lot of challenges for a political reconciliation among ethnic groups. This takes generations to heel, and the scars are emotionally inherited and I feel sorry for that. Peace is the main basis for the EU, but I am sure peace will prevail even though the UK go for Brexit. They are still a member of NATO.

What is more interesting is how the UK can find various agreements for trade since they cannot be insulated. I remember when Sweden joined the EU. At that time politicians talked about the size of cucumber and that it should be EU standardised. Snuff was also a very hot topic. Personally, it is easier to relate to the price of the Brittish Stilton cheese, than to think of complicated agreements between countries. Maybe there will be a so called “Brexit index” of Stilton, before and after Brexit. The market forces, regulating demand and supply, should not be politically regulated.

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