Work-life balance

Last day of holiday. In some way, it feels that you never can leave your job, because where ever you go, people you meet ask you where you work, about previous common colleagues and so on. Colleagues become friends, and friends become colleagues. I am happy that I did my journey to Rome. Now I feel ok with my mother’s passing away. Or at least so so, if you understand what I mean. When I travel, people ask what I do for a living. Since I work as a pharmacist I get reminded of my work constantly since pharmacies are everywhere. In Rome they were located on every corner. Once, I saw a pharmacy that made me feel that I would like to talk to them, and ask a little about their role in Italy.

Pharmacies in Rome are privately owned. Not like in Sweden and Norway where there are several pharmacy chains like Boots, Apoteket, Hjärtat, Apoteksgruppen, Kronans Apotek, or LloydsApotek where I work. It takes time, years, to go from governmentally owned, to privately owned pharmacy chains. Norway are years ahead compared to Sweden. A lot has been altered in Sweden after this change. There are more pharmacies available for customers, more products to chose between, and opening hours are much better. In brief, the pharmacy availability to customers has increased dramatically. The current challenge today for pharmacies is to have enough staff at every pharmacy.

This is my last holiday. I will soon go for exercise. And I am so happy, my dear colleagues will join me for “tjejmilen”! We will have great fun, and it will be a day filled with lots of joy. Now I am off for training.

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