Daily Archives: 7 April, 2019

My dear mother Elsa

This Friday morning my dear mother Elsa passed away. She became 81 years old and she has suffered from a memory disease during some time. However, she remembered my name til she died. Some people become aggressive and don’t remember anything, so I was lucky. It is stressful for my family right now, but somehow, we will continue our lives. My mother was strong and she always wanted to move on in life. She cared a lot and devoted her life to me and my brother. Of course, I think of when I grew up, and my strongest childhood memories are those in the kitchen. When we made cakes, dinners etc at various occasions.

I was lucky that I could say goodbye to her and she kissed my cheeks. That was a beautiful moment that I will keep throughout life. In the USA there is something called “waving”. I don’t feel comfortable with that, unfortunately, but that has to do with culture and traditions. What you are grown up with. I had to have some time of my own first, but now it is official. My dearest mother Elsa has left this life for another life.