Daily Archives: 10 May, 2019

Mad dog

I like dogs a lot. They are cute, adorable, fun, faithful etc. No stop of words. One day, I will have a dog of my own that I will go training with. Currently, I have to borrow a dog for walks, but that is ok since it is impossible to have a dog at home. And I cannot bring a dog to work due to allergy exposure.

Recently, I decided to join a running course, “blodomloppet”. It was a long time ago I participated in something similar. It is within a month, and I had to find a new watch since my old one doesn’t work anymore. I will start to measure my pulse again. This watch also has a GPS, and that is good so I don’t get lost. Tomorrow I will start more actively with my exercise.

I also focus a lot on cooking and I try to find new recipes every week. My favourite hobby. Spring has arrived and soon I will pick stinging nettles to make a soup, and rhubarbs to make a dessert. Yammy, don’t you agree?