Daily Archives: 19 May, 2019

In the middle of May

I am currently in the countryside, and the last time I was here I said goodbye to my mother. It has been a tough time, and I have thought of her a lot. She has suffered the last years but she has had good health care support. However, it feels alright to be able to say that she has had a great life. Travelling, a nice home, dogs, family, nature, sports etc.

Memory diseases also affect the family a lot. Especially my father has had a difficult time. Personally, it is the very first time somebody so close passes away. I have chosed to be open about my feelings, and it has been a sound way to handle life. To face death is a challenge, but it happens to everybody. It has taken time to mourn my mother, therefore I have cooked so much, but that has helped me.

I am very happy to have so supporting collegues. They have shared some of their life experiences and been very understanding. And maybe, I can give extra support to my customers and their families. Also carrying the burden of disease.