Daily Archives: 22 May, 2019

Trivial pursuit

Writing really is a favourite hobby of mine. And I am very happy that I have colleagues interested in literature. They have been very curious in following my development. That makes me happy. Slowly, I am starting to look forward, and I know I should read a book, just to compare my own style of writing. To get a new perspective and to develop further. Someone who also is keen of my reading is my sweetie. Always faithful and very eager. Sharing some photos illustrating her interest. This kind of writing is very different from scientific writing, but I must admit that I have been influenced by science. It has taken time to develop my own way of writing, and that will continue my whole life.

Another big hobby is work out, and right now I am training for participating in Blodomloppet. I have made some progress and I hope that it will be a beautiful day. I will join running directly after work. This helps me to be more focused on what I eat, and also that I have to remind myself of having more water. I don’t know why, but I forget having water.

What do you fancy in life?