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Health benefits of jogging

It is a calm day in Sweden since it is a public, religiously related holiday. I am not going to church, I will do some training instead. There is not much time til “Blodomloppet”, only two weeks more to go. When I was in Norway I did a lot of exercise. I got inspired and I bought a watch to keep track of my pulse. I love my watch and it has been my faithful friend during many years. Unfortunately, it cannot measure my pulse anymore so I had to buy a new one. Technology has improved a lot during a decade and I am currently learning how to use my watch. I need to calibrate my steps so I can measure distance. This is a Finnish watch, and Finland is a very developed country with regard to technology.

My running has improved a little, but I do other kind of sports for change. I have three weeks of vacation this summer and I am not travelling abroad since it is the best time of the year in Sweden. My goal is to learn how to crawl, and the great challenge is to learn how to breath while crawling. When I met my friends we talked about how internet has changed the way of learning and finding information. I will watch youtube crawling, but I have to return to Centralbadet for another private lesson. Work out should be fun, not an obligation.

Running is a kind of meditation. Personally, I don’t run fast, I find my so called running mood and pace, and then I can think and reflect. My very own time. To whoever reads this, I hope you also like training. And to increase your motivation I share some health benefits with exercise. Physiology is fascination, and it becomes even more interesting when you can measure changes in eg blood pressure, lipid profile, glucose levels etc. Please click on the publication below for further reading.

Now it is almost time for me to go training. I am currently in Stockholm and when I do training here it takes approximately 2 hours, walking for warming up and then running. I miss my sweetie very much. When I am in the countryside I know she is always waiting for me because she knows she will have her treat. A walk after I am done with my running. By writing this, I wish you all a relaxing and recovering holiday.

Overview of major cardiovascular effects of exercise:


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HR, heart rate;      LV, left ventricle;    eNOS, endothelial nitric oxide synthase;    NO, nitric oxide;            VSM, vascular smooth muscle;    BP, blood pressure;    HDL, high density lipoprotein;    LDL, low density lipoprotein;    VLDL, very low density lipoprotein;    TG, triglycerides;    EPC, endothelial progenitor cell.