Daily Archives: 1 June, 2019

Exercise, immune system & iron

It is now less than 2 weeks til “blodomloppet”. I feel eager. Last course I participated in was “Hässelbyloppet”. I am learning my watch step by step. It takes time. I need to calibrate the watch with my GPS so I know how far I run. The watch also gives a clue about how many calories I burn. And feedback. My very best training companion.

My book “Generationer” is partly about Greten´s relation to her father, and, also the fact that she suffers from leukaemia. I was very touched by her life story. And also that she was strong, or didn’t understand, how to go through her treatment. Last autumn I started to donate blood. I can only donate twice every year since my iron depots sometimes are low. I do not know the reason for this. Physiology is fascinating, and I will write more about haemoglobin, iron and ferritin at another occasion.

Since I cannot donate blood close to the running, I donated yesterday. It is so good, because I get a text when the blood has been to support for a patient in need. That makes me feel good!