Daily Archives: 2 June, 2019

Running & work in Lidingö

My life consists mostly of training and work. I still need some time before I can continue to write next book. Training helps me to move on in life after my mother has passed away. I miss her. Working also helps to move on in life. It is now almost a year ago since I started work at Lidingö. I like Lidingö a lot since it is a little similar to the countryside. I have been told that there are deers there too. And, in addition, I have nice colleagues, like as at the previous pharmacy I worked at.

I was at the pharmacy for a few hours today, and then I went for some exercise. No, running but other forms of training. My watch is now rather ok, and it measures my pulse. I am a little surprised because I have met a lot of people throughout life, but not so many interested in sport activities. Therefore, I have learnt to go for training alone. That is why my watch is a very good companion. Previously, I was interested in long distance running, but now 10 km is enough. “Lidingö loppet” is probably too tough for me. But I actually have a colleague who has won Lidingöloppet!

My new work at Lidingö has given me the opportunity to meet friends from the past. People I haven´t seen for 20 years. Amazing. It has been very occasional, and suddenly, I have noticed that this person is very familiar. And vice versa. We are connected on LinkedIn, where I also write some from time to time. I share this “work photo” that I have on LinkedIn. A pharmacy friend has learnt me to be active on LinkedIn, and I like that, a very nice and convenient way of staying in touch with colleagues from before. Join me on LinkedIn! And Happy Sunday, I wish you.