Daily Archives: 4 June, 2019

In a week

Next Wednesday I will run. I feel ok, and I know that I have to be careful so I don’t catch a virus. I definitely don’t want to cancel. Therefore, I wash my hands rather often. However, due to pollen allergy, I do have some sneezing attacks. But I know that it is allergy and not a cold. When you have allergy, you often sneeze several times in a row. I might be able to run at a time of 1h and 5 minutes. It will depend on what shape I am in that day. And I have good news. I will not run alone. A previous colleague of mine will join. I am really impressed of her. She has some pain in her foot but she will participate anyway. Running and walking. That is such a good spirit.

This running- and walking course is devoted to blood donation. It was a long time ago, but sometimes I listen to U2. There are several songs that I like such as “Where the streets have no name”, but I found this one. Terrible, and so true.