Daily Archives: 9 June, 2019

Now recovery

Stockholm has tropical temperature, and I like that. No winter jacket. No gloves and no hat. Time for summer. After a cold and chilly winter it is well deserved to have summer with bright evenings. I went for training this afternoon. My last training before the running course on Wednesday. This exercise has actually helped me a lot to mourn my mother. Mourning takes time. My mother devoted her life to my brother and me. She also spent a lot of time with her sister who has been abroad several years. My aunt lived in Liberia for a few years where she worked at a local hospital. She worked for a Swedish company, and they helped relatives to travel to Liberia for reunion with family. My parents visited her. A whole plane was arranged for family members. This was in 1980s.

To remember, I have seen some photos of my mother. I found the above from Liberia. I will keep this photo in my mind during this week. There are still a couple of days left til blodomloppet. These days I will recover. Have good food, and also have a lot of water. I cannot really explain why, and I wonder why: I find it difficult to have only water. After sports water is good, but otherwise I always need some kind of taste. My favourite is lemon water and water with bubbles. Talk about first world problems.